Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Who doesn't love fish and chips by the sea? The gentle breeze, the salty spray, the rolling waves... and the squawking seagulls trying to pinch that last little chip!

That squawking seagull might just have been Max - the cheeky seagull by the sea. Award winning Marc Martin has written and illustrated a beautiful story about friendship, perseverance and loyalty with the odd chip thrown in.  Max's best mate Bob just happens to own a fish and chip shop down by the pier. The perfect match!  Each evening they would go fishing together until one summer when Max went to visit and Bob was gone. Max is determined to find his best friend. 

Beautiful, bright illustrations with a vintage feel gently take the reader on a journey through change, all in the name of progress. But it's reassuring to know that somethings will always remain the same.

Recommended for 4+ years

Viking Publications
$24.99 RRP


  1. This one does work as a readaloud - being able to squawk like a seagull helps too :-)
    (I'm an (ex)preschool teacher too).

    1. This is another good book for exploring so many other things - other than the literal. Squawking is compulsory I think! :)