Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Imagine a city

In a word - entrancing! 

Elise Hurst's book is delightful from the very first page turn. 

The simple, lyrical text is beautifully supported by the black ink line drawings. 

The illustrations, deceptively simple, reveal great depth and complexity the longer you linger upon them.

Join a mother and her two children as they imagine a city that they've never imagined before - where buses are fish and fish fly the sky.  Anything is possible with imagination.

A book to truly treasure - particularly in the collectable hardcover edition.

Highly recommended for 4+ years
Written and illustrated by Elise Hurst
RRP $24.99 hardcover 
Omnibus Books


  1. I'm delighted to meet you Meredith!
    A fellow Aussie children's book blogger (although I also review adult books too).

    I loved this story, but I have wondered what young children think of it. I suspected it may have appealed more to adults than to children (most kids like colour pages).

  2. Great to meet you too, Brona!
    My 5 year old daughter loved it - we enjoyed looking at the illustrations and finding all the misplaced and unusual things.