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As an early childhood teacher with over 20 years experience, literacy, language and literature are my passion.

In the inimitable words of Dr Seuss...

'The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you will learn, the more places you will go.' 
Remember, there is no substitute for a comfy lap and a good book - so take your child's hand and lead them on the journey of a lifetime into the world of words.

Meredith x


  1. Thanks for reviewing my Building Resilience book series. Your feedback was helpful. Do you offer professional editing services?
    Doctor Harmony

    1. Hi there Dr!

      Thanks for your message. I am so glad that the feedback was useful.

      I do offer proofreading services and general advice on writing if you're interested. Please email me - meredith@thebookworm.com.au - to discuss further, only too happy to help.