Monday, 26 May 2014

Boa's bad birthday

What would you buy a snake for his birthday?

Boa is having a miserable birthday! One after another his jungle friends excitedly give him a birthday present only to find out that Boa is harder to buy for than first thought!

Orang-utan thought a piano would be perfect; Monkey thought some sunglasses would be ideal; and Jaguar thought mittens would fit the bill!

Written with the message that we all experience disappointment in life - but don't despair!  When you least expect it, something perfect will come along. Learning to be grateful and gracious, Boa ends up with the perfect present!

Written and illustrated by award winning team, Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross, Boa's Bad Birthday is sure to become a favourite with children and adults alike.

Recommended 4+ years

$14.99 RRP
Koala Books

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