Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Imagine a city

In a word - entrancing! 

Elise Hurst's book is delightful from the very first page turn. 

The simple, lyrical text is beautifully supported by the black ink line drawings. 

The illustrations, deceptively simple, reveal great depth and complexity the longer you linger upon them.

Join a mother and her two children as they imagine a city that they've never imagined before - where buses are fish and fish fly the sky.  Anything is possible with imagination.

A book to truly treasure - particularly in the collectable hardcover edition.

Highly recommended for 4+ years
Written and illustrated by Elise Hurst
RRP $24.99 hardcover 
Omnibus Books


Who doesn't love fish and chips by the sea? The gentle breeze, the salty spray, the rolling waves... and the squawking seagulls trying to pinch that last little chip!

That squawking seagull might just have been Max - the cheeky seagull by the sea. Award winning Marc Martin has written and illustrated a beautiful story about friendship, perseverance and loyalty with the odd chip thrown in.  Max's best mate Bob just happens to own a fish and chip shop down by the pier. The perfect match!  Each evening they would go fishing together until one summer when Max went to visit and Bob was gone. Max is determined to find his best friend. 

Beautiful, bright illustrations with a vintage feel gently take the reader on a journey through change, all in the name of progress. But it's reassuring to know that somethings will always remain the same.

Recommended for 4+ years

Viking Publications
$24.99 RRP

Big book of Aussie dinosaurs

Many a book has been written about dinosaurs for young budding palaeontologists - but this one is a little different!

Kel Richards has explored the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs - but only in our neck of the woods! Aussie dinosaurs are quite unique - with even more unique names. Come and meet George and Cooper, Clancy and Matilda.

'The big book of Aussie dinosaurs' is full of interesting facts and amusing pictures. Learn about which dinosaurs were the biggest and the smallest; the slowest and the fastest; the oldest and the youngest.

The Aussie dinosaur gallery at the end comes complete with a pronunciation guide and the meanings of all the different dinosaur names.

Bright and engaging illustrations by Glen Singleton will enthral the youngest dinosaur fan as they learn about the world that was our own backyard!

Recommended for 4+ years

RRP $15.99

Monday, 26 May 2014

Boa's bad birthday

What would you buy a snake for his birthday?

Boa is having a miserable birthday! One after another his jungle friends excitedly give him a birthday present only to find out that Boa is harder to buy for than first thought!

Orang-utan thought a piano would be perfect; Monkey thought some sunglasses would be ideal; and Jaguar thought mittens would fit the bill!

Written with the message that we all experience disappointment in life - but don't despair!  When you least expect it, something perfect will come along. Learning to be grateful and gracious, Boa ends up with the perfect present!

Written and illustrated by award winning team, Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross, Boa's Bad Birthday is sure to become a favourite with children and adults alike.

Recommended 4+ years

$14.99 RRP
Koala Books

Poppy Cat by Sara Acton

Poppy Cat is a copy cat and she is hot off the press!

Poppy is a mischievous kitten who follows her owner wherever she goes, usually ending up in that inevitable mischief! All cat owners will appreciate the tangled ties, the pouncing paws and cuddly purrs.

Sara Acton, award winning author/illustrator of 'Hold on tight' and 'Ben and Duck', returns with a gentle story about friendship and companionship. Delight in the simple water colour illustrations that beautifully accompany this warm story.

One of our favourite author/illustrators has returned with another winner!

Recommended for 3+ years

$24.99 RRP