Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Big book of Aussie dinosaurs

Many a book has been written about dinosaurs for young budding palaeontologists - but this one is a little different!

Kel Richards has explored the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs - but only in our neck of the woods! Aussie dinosaurs are quite unique - with even more unique names. Come and meet George and Cooper, Clancy and Matilda.

'The big book of Aussie dinosaurs' is full of interesting facts and amusing pictures. Learn about which dinosaurs were the biggest and the smallest; the slowest and the fastest; the oldest and the youngest.

The Aussie dinosaur gallery at the end comes complete with a pronunciation guide and the meanings of all the different dinosaur names.

Bright and engaging illustrations by Glen Singleton will enthral the youngest dinosaur fan as they learn about the world that was our own backyard!

Recommended for 4+ years

RRP $15.99

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