Friday, 22 November 2013

Exclamation mark

If you love the beauty of language and simple, yet creatively clever picture books, then you will love this book.

Exclamation mark stood out from the beginning. He wanted to be like everyone else. He tried everything. But he was different. Full stop!

With all of his efforts of trying to fit in, Exclamation mark discovered something so much more important, his unique inner strengths.

This book is delightful on so many levels. From the literal to the inferential, it is layered much like an onion. This is a very clever, laugh out loud, touching and poignant book.

There is little not to like about it - the only thing would be that it is American. Nothing against the star spangled banner and all, but some of the language is US English - but we won't hold that against them!

Highly recommended 4-7 years

Scholastic Press
RRP $24.99 hardcover

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