Monday, 5 August 2013

King Pig

With all things Royal trending at the moment, I thought it was opportune to review Nick Bland's latest, King Pig.

Nick Bland has long been a favourite in our household. His Cranky Bear series of books are well thumbed. This time though, Bland departs from old Cranky Bear and leads us on a royal romp with King Pig. No doubt Bland chose his animal carefully, as his main character displays somewhat disagreeable and unfriendly behaviours. King Pig struggles with understanding why he is so unpopular, as he tries to win the adoration of the sheep of his kingdom. 

The illustrations lend just as much to the story as the text does - so it is a great little book for a small group of children or in a comfy lap for one

This book comes with a simple take-home message - be nice and treat others with respect! Perfect for promoting values.

Author/illustrator - Nick Bland
Scholastic Australia
Hard cover RRP $24.99
Recommended for 4+ years 

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