Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Grumpy Grandpa

Grumpy Grandpa is a new rhyming text from Kate Forsyth, illustrated by Annie White. The cover is sure to entice, with its appealing illustrations and title. 

This story explores the relationship between a young girl and her grumpy old grandpa - but not all is at seems! On a visit to her grandfather's house with her mum, Forsyth's text explores the many characteristics of this 'mean old geezer' who is really just 'a funny old teaser!'

Pitched at younger children, the rhythm does take a bit of getting used to! A change in pace and beat throughout the book requires a level of familiarity before reading the book aloud confidently. Bound to appeal to anyone who has encountered a gruff grandpa.

Recommended for children aged 4 years and over.

Author: Kate Forsyth
Illustrator: Annie White
Scholastic, 2013
Hardcover, $24.99 RRP

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