Monday, 14 April 2014

Just for mum

It's that time of the year again - the biggest season for celebration picture books - Mothers' Day.

There are some new titles hitting the shelves as we speak - but two of my favourites would have to be 'Mummy, you're special to me' by Laine Mitchell and Kim Fleming and Anna Pignataro's 'How I love you'. 

Mummy, you're special to me
'Mummy, you're special to me' takes us on a journey around the world meeting animals from all sorts of settings. From the Australian outback to the deserts of the Middle East, from kangaroos to camels, all the baby animals know what makes their mummy special!

Fleming's watercolour illustrations beautifully depict warmth and humour with a little something hiding on each page.

Recommended for 3+ years

Laine Mitchell and Kim Fleming

Hardcover RRP $16.99

How I love you
Anna Pignataro, best known for her Princess and Fairy books has produced a beautiful book in time for Mothers' Day - 'How I love you'.

The beautiful illustrations depict Australian animals and their young showering love upon each other, each in their own way. The text cleverly introduces vocabulary, describing the actions of each of the young as they tell their mums just how much they love them.

A delightful bedtime read - sure to become a favourite.

Recommended for 3+ years

Anna Pignataro
Hardcover $16.99 RRP

Big and Small
Another book just recently published by Koala Books isn't strictly a Mothers' Day book - but  tells the story between Big and Little, with Big always lending Little that extra hand. But will Little be able to give Big a little help just when he needs it most? A delightful rhyming  book, ideal for bedtime!

Recommended for 2+ years

Elizabeth Bennett and Jane Chapman

Koala Books
Paperback RRP $14.99

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