Monday, 24 February 2014

The cuddliest hug

Little Baby Kanga has lost his mother - and only she can offer the cuddliest hug! All the other Australian bush animals offer to help with cuddles of their own, but they just don't feel right. Echidna is too spiky, Platypus is too wet! Where could she be?

All too soon, danger arrives in the shape of a big crocodile. Fortunately, Uncle Dingo and wise old Jabiru soon come to the rescue. 

Simple rhyming text with appealing illustrations brought to you by well-known Australian author Meredith Costain and illustrator Cee Bisoce.

Recommended for 0-5 years

The Cuddliest Hug
Author Meredith Costain
Illustrator Cee Biscoe
Scholastic, Jan 2014
RRP $14.99 paperback

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