Monday, 24 February 2014

Nugget and Fang

Unlikely as it seems, Nugget and Fang were great friends. Despite one being a shark and the other a minnow, they did everything together, until the day came when it was time for Nugget to go to school. What was Fang to do without his best friend?

While at school, Nugget was learning all about...sharks. In reading, the story was about the big bad shark! In maths, he was busy with maths problems involving minnow-eating sharks and in science, the marine food chain showed sharks eating everything!

Nugget was shocked, incredulous, amazed... and apparently tasty!

Nugget had to explain to Fang that sharks were scary and toothy and definitely not friend material for a little minnow! Fang was devastated, but determined to win his friend back!

This story is full of humour, charm and delight. The illustrations are bold and creative, lending further humour to the text. A great story with likeable characters that gently explore stereotypes and misconceptions.

I have a feeling if you like Finding Nemo - you will love this! Check out this Youtube preview.

Recommended for 4-8 years

Nugget and Fang
Author: Tammi Sauer
Illustrator: Michael Slack
Koala Books (Scholastic), Jan 2014
RRP $14.99 paperback

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