Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Start of the ocean

Start of the ocean
Written by Michelle Worthington
Illustrated by Ann-Marie Finn
Wybble Publishing, 2013
Paperback $14.99

Childhood memories are often filled with experiences like trips to the beach, family holidays and the discovery of new places and things.  'Start of the ocean' is a picture book that encapsulates just that. 

Local author and illustrator, Michelle Worthington and Ann-Marie Finn, have teamed together for the first time to create words and images that evoke the different sights, sounds and smells that make up the great Australian beach.

The lyrical text is peppered with alliteration, gently nudging our childhood memories of the ocean to life. After hearing the story for the first time, my daughter immediately wanted to go to the beach, to create some memories of her own.

'Start of the ocean'...memories are made of this!

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