Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beautiful books for Mothers' Day

Love from Grandma

Written and illustrated by Jane Tanner
2010, Penguin Group Australia, (RRP Paperback $14.95)

Jane Tanner has to be one of the most talented children’s book author/illustrators in Australia. Her picture books evoke incredible emotion, touching all that read them. Love from Grandma is no exception. The beautiful relationship between Emily and her grandmother is truly heartfelt, made all the more real with the wonderful artworks throughout.

Jane Tanner reveals on her own website that Emily and her grandmother are a real family. The little girl was in fact her next-door neighbour.

Emily and her gran do everything together – tea parties, dress ups, dancing, gardening…until one day Emily and her parents have to move to live in a city far away. Grandma gives Emily a strawberry plant to take with her with the promise of when it flowers and fruits that she will visit.

The anticipation is etched on Emily’s face as each day she cares for her strawberry plant, patiently waiting for the day when she will be reunited with her precious gran.

A truly beautiful book celebrating all that is the tender connection between a grandchild and a grandparent.

Recommended for 3 to 8 years

Ben and Duck

Text and illustrations © Sara Acton, 2011
Scholastic Press RRP $24.99 Hardcover, $15.99 Paperback

Ben and Duck is Sarah Acton’s first children’s book and it is a beauty! The water colour illustrations draw the reader into the world of Ben as he heads off to the park to feed the ducks. There was only one duck there on this day…a very large one…who happily ate all of Ben’s bread. Not content with that, Duck decided to follow Ben home in the hope that his new friend might have some other offerings. Follow Ben’s travels as he tries to duck and weave across the countryside! There appears to be no escaping this duck!

A great story about friendship and perseverance, with a warm undercurrent of humour.

Highly recommended for 2-6 years.

The Runaway Hug

Text © Nick Bland, 2011
Illustrations © Freya Blackwood, 2011
Scholastic Press RRP $24.99 Hardcover

For the very first time, popular children’s book author and illustrator, Nick Bland, teams up with highly acclaimed illustrator Freya Blackwood in The Runaway Hug. This book is sure to delight readers, young and old.

Little Lucy asks for a hug before bed from her busy mum, but mum has only one hug left. Promising to return it, Lucy borrows her hug and then shares it around the family. That is, until Annie the dog runs away with it!

The wonderful illustrations in this book beautifully compliment Bland’s storytelling.  It is impossible to resist a wry smile at the turn of every page, as any family with children would identify with the antics of this family.

Highly recommended for 3-6 years.

My Mum’s the best

Written by Rosie Smith
Illustrated by Bruce Whatley
2011, Scholastic Australia, (RRP Hardcover $16.99)

A beautiful picture book for young children all about the best mums around. The wonderful Bruce Whatley brings Rosie Smith’s simple narrative to life. His artwork captures the delight of being a mum and all those little things that you share together. Whether feathered or furry, scaly or slimy, all mums are special.

Why is your mum the best?

A delightful book guaranteed to win over any mother this Mothers’ Day!

Recommended for 0 to 4 years.

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