Monday, 21 December 2015

Making mindful - magic

Mindfulness is a notion that has been becoming more and more prominent in recent times. A consequence of our time - but one most worthy of exploration.

People's lives are busy. We forget to stop and smell the roses. This book reminds us to do just that.

Simple activities guide us through a peaceful re-connect to our surroundings, to nature, to life.

Beautifully crafted, this text has great application in the home and in the classroom. The illustrations lend themselves to conversation starters - framing the discussions around nature, reflection and pace. 

Each frame brings with it a simple narrative of how to be mindful - exploring things such as meditation, yoga, nature, creativity and true insight. Further details can be found at the end of the book - a helpful resource for parents and teachers alike.

Lea McKnoulty has cleverly created an illustrated journey to capture a sense of inner peace and calm. The fact that these experiences are 'mostly free, spent in nature and devoid of technology' is a winner any day!

Highly recommended for all ages.
Author/illustrator: Lea McKnoulty
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With thanks to the author for the provision of a review copy.

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