Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Budinge and the Min Min Lights and Duelgum: the story of the mother eel

These beautifully illustrated retellings of Indigenous dreaming stories are a must for collectors of quality Australian children's literature.

Uncle Joe Kirk returns in his retelling of the Indigenous dreaming story, 'Budinge and the Min Min Lights'.

Budinge lives with his grandmother deep in the Australian Outback. His grandmother often spoke to him about the Min Min Lights and their mystical powers. Would they lead him away if he ever came across them? He was about to find out!

'Duelgum: the story of the mother eel' is a tale about returning to home. Set with the beautiful background of the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay, follow the journey of Mother eel and her hatchlings as they venture home. Beautifully retold by Uncle Joe Kirk with Greer Casey and Sandy Harrold.

Author: Uncle Joe Kirk
Illustrator: Sandi Harrold
$15.99 paperback each

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