Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I wanna be a pretty princess

Every little girl dreams of being a pretty princess. But what happens if your dreams come true and a fairy princess turns up and takes you through a princess makeover?

With the princess rule book in hand, anything is possible.

Learn how to dress like a princess.
Learn how to get your hair and makeup done like a princess.
Learn how to eat politely and dance gracefully like a princess. 
And even learn how to sit around and wait for your handsome prince to turn up.

Meet this modern girl who takes the whole princess rule book and re-writes it, her way!

Great fun and perfectly illustrated  - I wanna be a pretty princess by Heath McKenzie will appeal to many young modern princesses in the making.

NB The title of this book did provide a challenge for me in terms of the spelling of 'wanna'. If I was to use this book in the classroom, or even at home, I would use this opportunity to talk about the word and why perhaps the author chose that spelling. Turn it into a teachable moment, rather than let it go!

Author/illustrator - Heath McKenzie
Scholastic Press
$16.99 RRP

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