Friday, 11 July 2014

A feast for Wombat

A feast for Wombat, written by well-known Australian Aboriginal author, Sally Morgan, celebrates the Australian outback and our native fauna.

Wombat doesn't think he's special and spends much of his time burrowed underground.

A story about friendship and support, it also cleverly explores how various features of different native animals are suited to their habitats and survival. Tania Erzinger's illustrations bring a certain earthiness and gentleness to the story.

Can Wombat run as fast as Goanna, sing as beautifully as Magpie or dance as elegantly as Dingo? Not quite - but Wombat is strong and is a great digger. How can his friends encourage him to know his own worth?

Recommended for 5+ years
Hardcover RRP $24.99
Omnibus Books

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