Monday, 16 June 2014


Gigantosaurus, so fierce and wild, with teeth as long as you are tall - all baby dinosaurs are warned of this most treacherous of threats!

Join Bonehead, Tiny, Fin and Bill as they set off to play one day during the Cretaceous period. Knowing that Gigantosaurus was never far away, Bonehead offers to be on the look out.

Soon enough the baby dinos realise that Bonehead is the prehistoric Boy who cried wolf. Very quickly they learn to ignore his warnings. Tired of his games, his friends leave Bonehead behind, only for him to finally face his nemesis, Gigantosaurus. What will happen to Bonehead?

While a work of fiction - the characters in the book are based on real dinosaurs. A vertical gatefold illustration reveals just how big Gignatosaurus is - complete with an information page at the end, this book is sure to delight all young dinosaur fans!

Written and illustrated by Jonny Duddle
Recommended for 3+ years
Koala Books
Paperback $14.99

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