Monday, 23 September 2013

How to catch a monster

It's only been a recent phenomenon, but we have had to install a night light in Miss Four's bedroom. The dark has never bothered her before - but it seems around this age that the imagination goes beyond the four walls.

'How to catch a monster' is the perfect book for kids afraid of the dark, written and illustrated by Christina Bollenbach. Oskar has a monster that visits him every night and he's decided to set a trap and catch him! With a well thought out plan in place, he falls asleep one night to discover the next morning that his plan has worked.

Discover the delightful relationship that soon develops, diffusing any fears of the night.

Perfect for 4-7 years 

Author/illustrator: Christina Bollenbach
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, 2013
RRP: $24.99 hard cover

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