Friday, 14 June 2013

Ten great apps for toddlers

The words 'long haul' and 'toddler' uttered in the same sentence are enough to send me into a cold sweat...

I have been recently asked about some apps that would engage a toddler while sitting in the confines of an aircraft cabin for an interminable amount of time...firstly, I can only sympathise. A quick flick through my other blog will attest to this fact.

One of my blog posts had the auspicious title, 'Technology is my friend', sprouting the genius that was Steve Jobs when it comes to the joys of the long haul. Followed soon after by my teaching career inevitably leading me to ensuring that school was in, so that time was well spent while 24 000 feet in the air.

And then...all of this culminated in a blog post to end all blog posts for travelling tots - the ultimate travelling tot packing list. Don't leave home without it!

So, if after digesting all of that, you still think it's a good idea to travel with short people, then here are my top ten apps for travelling tots:
  1. Play School Art Maker - it's free, it's Play School, it's fun, what more do you want?
  2. Kid Art for iPad - 99c of fabulous artistic fun!
  3. Drawing Pad - $1.99 for that little bit more artistic fun!
  4. Toddler Counting - 99c - very popular with kids, personally I find the overly American accent somewhat off putting!
  5. Bananas in pyjamas - free to 99c - because you can never have enough fruit in night attire - Beach fun is free while Bubble Time is only 99c.
  6. Press Here : The App - $1.99 - the fabulous book by Herve Tullet just got better! If you don't know the book - do yourself a favour! App not available in Australia just yet - but I am working on it! 
  7. Eric Carle's My Very First App - $3.99 - colours, numbers, shapes and more all with Carle's distinctive artwork.
  8. Kidzstory by Stepworks - 99c per story - large selection of classic traditional stories, great illustrations and all narrated by kids. Read to me, read myself and interactive screens. Highly recommended series.
  9. Smule Magic Piano - free and a bit of fun - for the frustrated musician in all of us!
  10. Toy Story - free - for all those Woody fans, wherever you are!

Good luck!

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